Oil & Gas Raw Materials

Arabian Trading is the pioneer Oil and Gas Raw Material Supplier based in UAE. We efficiently supply many basic and advance raw materials to oil and gas industries. Materials such as Arabian Cenosphere, Arabian Fly Ash, Class F, Arabian Silica Fume, Undensified, Arabian Guar Gum, Arabian Hematite, API Grade, Arabian Barite, API Grade, Arabian Bentonite, API Grade, Arabian Wall Nutshell Powder, Arabian CMC & PAC, Arabian Hollow Glass Microspheres, Arabian Polypropylene Fiber, and Arabian Oil Well Cement are always in high demand in oil and gas industries for different procedures to enhance the production line. Arabian Trading supplies the best quality products and is the largest Oil and Gas Raw Material Supplier to oil and gas industries.

The raw materials are used in the oil and gas industries for several purposes. Different materials have varying uses for example they are sometimes used to performs wall cementing operations. They are also used to enhance the viscosity of mud solutions. To enhance the production of crude oil, several raw materials are brought into use. They are also used for drilling muds. Arabian Trading is the leading Oil and Gas Raw Material Supplier in UAE providing quality raw materials to different industries locally and internationally. We have a robust supply chain system to safely deliver the raw materials to far places. Our materials are in the purest form which is further used in many integral operations in the oil and gas industries. UAE is the main hub of oil and gas fields where a large number of renowned oil and gas firms are competing in the market. The vast industry has to rely on several raw materials to boost their production line. Arabian Trading is the first choice of oil and gas companies for the provision of the finest raw materials.

  • • A 21st century material also called Glass Bubbles
  • • True Density : 0.2-0.6 g/cc
  • • Ultra Light
  • • High Performance Extender