Cenosphere is a lightweight hollow sphere made up of silica and alumina. It is mainly filled with air or inert gas and is produced in thermal plants as a byproduct of coal combustion. The weight and waterproof properties of censophere make it highly useful in various products and fillers. Due to its mechanical strength, spherical shape, chemical inertia, and resistance to high temperatures, cenospheres are used in a large range of applications in the industry. Arabian trading is the leading Cenosphere supplier from India. We have been supplying the finest quality of cenosphere to various industries to be used for multiple purposes. Among many industries, the use of Cenosphere for cementing job is a common practice in the construction sector.

The use of cenoshphere is not limited to a single industry and it is a multi-purpose product. The industrial coating industry widely used Cenosphere for paints. They are useful in improving the quality of the paint by improving its volume and density. After application on the walls, they tend to shrink providing a tightly packed film on the surface. In cementing jobs, the use of Cenosphere as extender is in practice for decades. It is added to the cement mixture to reduce the slurry to the lowest levels. They are also effective in controlling infrared radiation by giving an extra layer of coating over the meeker ones. Their application of Cenosphere for cementing jobs in construction industries as well. Due to its multiple usages, Arabian Trading has become the leading Cenosphere stockist in UAE to ensure adequate supply of the product in the markets.

  • • Resistant to higher temperature, very high thermal stability
  • • Excellent light weight filler
  • • Available in 600 kg jumbo bags
  • • Used as EXTENDER in cementing and oil and gas applications
  • • Also known as microspheres
  • • Sinker Value less than 5%
  • • Used in Oil Field Cementing, Drilling Muds, Paints, Coatings, Fire Bricks, Fillers
  • • Construction chemical industry and many more