Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is necessary to clear goods from customs authority to transport them from one country to another. The custom-cleared goods are given a clearance document that shows that all relevant duties have been paid and the shipment is good for exports. Arabian Trading is an experienced and reliable freight forwarding company that is an expert in acquiring Customs Clearance in Dubai for the import and export of different goods. Whether it is air freight or sea freight, we provide dependable services to get the goods cleared from Customs. To make the experience hassle-free, our experts cover all types of documents necessary to get clearance. The experience of decades in building and managing legal routes for international trade has earned us the trust of customs authorities in the region and we work efficiently at both ends to ensure the swift procedure to get the goods cleared.

Arabian Trading is proficient in ensuring the delivery of raw material to different industries world wide for successful cementing jobs and oil and gas operations. Our teams work together to deliver the transported goods on time. The role of a freight forwarding company is crucial in acquiring Customs Clearance in Dubai and Arabian Trading has built a strong profile to get the job done. We perfectly understand the requirements of the customs authorities and we work to timely submit all necessary documents to avoid limbo in shipments. We are one of the leading companies which are capable of acquiring break bulk clearance from the customs authorities. We have developed and maintained an effective system to safeguard the bulks till the goods get Customs Clearance in Dubai.

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