Company Profile


ARABIAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT LLC (ATE) was established in 2001 in the Al Rams area in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, with the sole aim of providing raw materials and technical assistance for superior, durable, and maintenance-free, long-life projects. We are committed to providing excellence in quality and 100% client satisfaction in the supply of materials in the industries. These objectives and targets were set from the very first day and we are pleased to state that we continue our mission, with the same spirit, to contribute a significant role in the country’s development. Arabian Trading imports RAW MATERIALS from across the globe, maintains stocks, and distributes domestically and globally.


Use Of Microsilica

Our enhanced Supply Chain can ensure delivering superior performance. We have been supplying durable solutions for cementing jobs to enhance the sustainability of construction projects. We provide certain materials such as Microsilica or silica fume which has earned its repute as a great admixture. The use of Microsilica is common in cementing and concrete jobs to enhance the strength of the material and protect it from corrosion. The use of Microsilica is also beneficial to prevent the surface from the penetration of moisture, chemicals, and other containments.


Arabian Trading has a strong network of warehouses at certain points to support import and export operations. Apart from supplying raw materials to several industries, we have a range of other facilities as well. We also assist in getting customs clearance for the transportation of goods across countries. Through our sea freight and air freight shipment services, we have maintained a strong supply chain system of import and export and shipment services across regions. We are one of the leading suppliers of raw material and laboratory equipment to different industries in the UAE as well as other countries.


Your preferred supplier in the Construction and Oil and Gas industries.


To deliver best quality raw materials within given time frame
To ensure the highest level of satisfaction among all our clients
To maintain our commitment to Environment Protection
To be an integral part of the community by harmoniously blending
Safety, Quality and Efficiency