Arabian Polypropylene Fiber


Polypropylene fiber has substantial heat insulating properties and is resistant to acids, alkalies and insects, and pests. It has been in the use by several industries especially in film packing, labelling, and textiles. Arabian trading has been delivering thousands of tons of Polypropylene PP Fiber In UAE to different industries. We offer high quality Polypropylene fiber to control micro cracks in concrete mixtures. It has become a common practice among many industries to add polypropylene fiber into concrete mixtures to protect the concrete from micro cracks./p>

The distribution of Polypropylene PP Fiber into concrete mixtures results in to an increase in abrasion resistance. It is also effective in decreasing volume expansions as a result of sulfate attacks and ASR reactions. The addition of polypropylene fiber improves the durability of the element and hence ultimately reduces the overall cost of the project. Due to the utilization of polypropylene fiber, the plastic shrinkages of concrete mixtures decline significantly while increasing the energy absorption capacity. The use of Polypropylene PP Fiber In UAE in construction works is high demand because the Polypropylene PP Fiber effectively blocks the penetration of water or moisture in concrete mixtures. Moreover, studies show that the Polypropylene PP Fiber influences the concrete mixtures in many ways such as its workability; elasticity modulus; compression abilities, flexural, and tensile strength; toughness, spalling, freeze-thaw, abrasion resistance; water absorption; porosity; permeability; durability, and eco-friendly properties. The material is undeniably beneficial in mitigating the effects of unfavorable environmental conditions, impact damages, surface abrasion, and vandalism on concrete mixtures.

  • • 100% Virgin Polypropylene Fiber
  • • CE and ISO 9001 certified and environmentally friendly
  • • Available in different sizes as per project requirement
  • • Inert and insoluble material
  • • Used as an additive for Lost Circulation
  • • More than thousands of tons delivered to various parts of the world