Arabian Hematite, API Grade


The use of Barite is common across oil and gas fields. The petroleum industry uses Barite as a weighting agent for drilling in UAE. Barite is responsible for increasing the hydrostatic pressure in the procedure of drilling mud. It allows the procedure to compensate for high pressure zones during the experience. The soft nature of the material poses no threat to the drilling tools and acts as an efficient lubricant. Arabian Trading is one of the leading Barite Suppliers in UAE supplying the finest quality of the material to many industries especially oil and gas industries.

Barite is regarded s a powerful agent added to drilling fluids to produce such high-density fluids that can effectively boost the process of deep drilling in the oil and gas sector. The Weighting Agent in UAE commonly known as Barite, is also useful for highly conspicuous fluctuation in the drilling fluid characteristics. It is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used for different industries for years. The oil and gas industry prefers to use Barite to produce high density fluids. The manufacturers mix and add Barite to other materials and minerals such as water, bentonite to produce a high-density mud at drilling sites. It is also widely used to control and prevent the high formation of pressure and explosive release of oil and gas from the well. As compared to other materials, it is economical material to be used on a large scale. It is naturally non-toxic and insoluble. The use of Barite as a weighting agent for drilling in UAE is also preferred because it does not wear down the drilling equipment. Arabian Trading ensures the provision of the best and purest form of Barite to oil and gas industries and has earned the mark in leading Barite Suppliers in UAE.

  • • Specific Gravity > 4.2
  • • Weighting Agent
  • • Cools the drill bit
  • • Prevents blow out