Durability Parameters

Wish List of Concrete Properties

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Records have shown that proper concrete mix design with correct engineering practices is able to provide following parameters:

# Test Specification Desired Results
1 COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH BS 1881: Part 116:1983 As per design, SKY IS THE LIMIT
2 WATER ABSORPTION BS1881: Part 122: 1983 Less than 1.5%
3 WATER PERMEABILITY DIN 1048: Part 5:7.6:1991 ZERO
4 CHLORIDE PERMEABILITY ASTMC 1202:2009 Very low (less than 500 Coulombs)
5 CHLORIDE MIGRATION  CO-EFFICIENT NT BUILD 492-1999-11 Less than 1.50x10-12 m2/s
6 CHLORIDE DIFFUSION CO-EFFICIENT NT BUILD 443-1995-11 Less than 3.50x10-12 m2/s
7 PUMPING HEIGHT Pumping Vertically to a height of 601 meter