Arabian Hematite, API Grade


Hematite is regarded as an essential component in modern drilling operations of Oil and Gas fields. Drilling fluids are basically made of water or oil whereas the addition of Hematite contributes to increasing density in drilling fluid. Arabian Trading is the leading Hematite Supplier in UAE providing the finest quality of the material to many oil and gas industries. The material is added to the drilling fluid to prevent the formation fluids from entering the bore, to keep the drill cool, and free of contamination during the process. Moreover, drilling fluids are also important to act as a lubricant during several stages. Hematite is a renowned weighting agent that is used to add to water so that the drilling fluid may stay for a longer period at the drilling site. The drilling fluids are commonly known as ‘Mud’ largely due to the presence of materials like Hematite providing mud like density to water or oil-based fluids.

Arabian Trading is the one-stop-shop for oil and gas industries because we are the best Hematite Supplier in UAE.

The addition of Hematite is crucial to boost the density of the drilling fluids. The use of dense drilling fluids is extremely important in oil and gas fields as they enable effective drilling to reach the target depth. Oil extraction is nearly impossible without the use of dense drilling fluids and a quality drilling fluid can only be made by using a fine quality of hematite in its mixture. The use of hematite is primarily concerned with enhancing the solid content and density of the mixture. It is a well-regarded admixture and weighting agent in drilling fluids. Arabian trading is leading the race in the market as a quality Hematite Supplier in UAE.

  • • Low particle and attrition rate
  • • Balanced particle distribution
  • • Specific Gravity > 4.9
  • • Weighting Agent