Arabian Hollow Glass Microspheres


Hollow Glass Microspheres In UAE

Hollow microspheres are used in the oil and gas industry to reduce the density of drilling fluids and cement blends. They are perfect spherical bubbles of thin-walled glasses. They are chemically inert and thermally stable materials that can be added to both oil and water-based fluids. Arabian Trading has been the pioneer of supplying the bulks of Hollow Microspheres in oil and gas industries for decades. Hollow glass microspheres facilitate the petroleum engineers to improve performance reliability in low density cementing. The low alkalinity of the hollow microspheres enhances their compatibility with most resins and long shelf life. They are non-compressible density reducing agents.

Hollow Microspheres have substantial use in the drilling process in oil and gas operations such as they help wells produce at maximum capacity for a long period of time. They help in strengthening cement textures which mean lesser cement failures. They are also beneficial in reducing cost levels because increase the durability of the cement against the temperature cycles and other pressures. Because of their increased utility, the use of Hollow Microspheres in oil and gas fields is increasing by the day.

As compared to other density reducing technologies, microspheres are leading the race due to their low density in cement slurries. They are also preferred because of their ability to safely blend in with other materials. Moreover, they can be easily transported to remote areas for drilling and other operations. No amount of specialized expertise or equipment is required to blend them into the cement slurries which enables the manufacturers to produce different types of cement using one additive by adjusting pressure, temperature, etc.