Arabian Silica Fume, Undensified


The usage of silica fume in concrete has been in practice for ages. Its High early compressive strength and High tensile flexural strength and modulus of elasticity make it an ideal additive for concrete products. It is used widely in the construction of strong construction concrete projects. It is added to the concrete to improve the quality and texture of the mixture. The largest construction makes use of the projects for huge projects such as building bridges, skyscrapers, tunnels, and so on, where longevity, strength, and durability are of extreme importance. The demand for Silica Fume for plaster and tunnellings has always been high because of its distinctive properties and ability to easily absorb in the precast concrete mixture.

Arabian Trading is one of the largest distributors of the finest densified and undesnified of Silica Fume in Concrete and cement. We are providing the best raw materials for building solutions for more than two decades in UAE. We are the largest producer of densified and undensified silica fumes to a number of industries in the UAE. Silica Fume is added to concrete to improve its strength, resistance, and bond strength. The reason behind the improvements in the quality of the mixture is the pozzolanic reactions between the silica fume and free calcium hydroxide in the mixture.

The use of silica fumes is common in the construction of roadways, runways, and bridges in chloride-rich environments such as coastal areas and humid regions. The silica fume has impressive resistance to abrasion, the permeability of concrete to chloride ions, chemical attacks, and corrosion. Due to these unique abilities, construction companies have been using Silica Fume for plaster and tunnellings for decades. Silica fumes also work efficiently to block pores in the fresh concrete so that the water inside the mixture remains trapped within and does not reach the surface.