Arabian Oil Well Cement


Oil well Cement is used for cementing wells maintained under high pressure and temperature. Their main component is portland or pozzolanic cement with other admixtures to control the cement from setting rapidly. It is highly effective to be used for well cementing under varying temperature, depth, and pressure. They are also beneficial for oil-well cementing grouting. The mixture requires to be slow-setting and capable of withstanding varying temperatures and pressures in deep well drilling. The process has to play a vital role in the drilling operations. The process includes mixing of cement and other admixtures to form a type of slurry which is further pumped into the well close to the casing. Arabian Trading is one of the leading Oil Well Cement supplier in Africa and the UAE.

To make a strong mixture, several admixtures are added to modify oil cement slurry such as bentonite, glass bubbles, silica fumes, and so on. Arabian Trading is leading the market as an Oil Well Cement supplier in Africa and UAE. We supply quality oil well cement and other important raw materials to many industries locally and internationally. Our supply chain is not limited to UAE alone but stretches as far as up to Africa as well. Well cements are used to insert a cement pipe into a drill to avoid fluids spills such as water, gas, or oil and to safely migrate them outside of the apparatus.

  • • API Grades
  • • Various API Grades Oil well cements are available in different packings
  • • Protects the casing from corrosion
  • • Separates the oil, gas, and water producing zones from the well
  • • Forms a seal to prevent blowouts from the well