Construction Raw Materials Supplier

>Dubai is famous in the world for its wonderful infrastructure and marvels of modern constructions. The stunning landscaper, towering skyscrapers are the evidence of amazing construction work. The construction industry in Dubai is efficient and striving to produce state-of-the-art designs of the construction world. They are in constant need of effective and Construction Raw Materials Supplier produce durable buildings, roadways, bridges, tunnels, and other fundamentals of robust construction. Arabian Trading is one of the leading supporters and Construction Raw Materials Supplier based in UAE to provide fine quality of a variety of raw materials paramount to the construction of wonders of the world. It has become one of the largest importers and exporters of raw materials supplying construction materials and goods to a large number of industries locally and globally. It is a trusted name because of superior performance, technical knowledge, and provision of the finest quality of materials as per clients’ satisfaction.

>We supply a number of admixtures to enhance the durability and strength of concrete and cementing jobs. We have stocks of different variety microsilica or silica fumes that are used commonly and excessively across construction works. Our inventory is filled with Arabian White colour Microsilicas, Desinfied Microsilica, Undesnsified microsilica, Arabian fly ash f, Arabian Fiber Polypropylene, Synthetic fiber, fiber steel, Fibrillated PP Fibre, Arabian Micro Fine Cement, and many other admixtures integral for the strength and durability of concrete mixtures. Raw materials are essential for construction industries to boost the durability and strength of the main materials such as concrete and types of cement. These materials work as admixtures and adhesives to not only enhance the performance of the precast concrete but also to increase the low permeability of the mixtures and prevents penetration and transfer of moisture on the surface. Arabian trading is the largest Construction Raw Materials Supplier in UAE and deals with all kinds of raw materials.