Arabian Wall Nutshell Powder


Walnut Shell Powder is used to filter residual oil particles. It plays an important part in the production of crude oil. When the crude oil is produced, water also comes along in a large quantity from the natural reservoirs. As per estimates, waters form 90% of oil production. The extracted water is purified and after an extensive treatment, it is further used in stories to stabilize pressure. For this purpose, it is necessary that the water must be cleaned from the oil residual particles. Walnut powders effectively work as a purifier and are used across industries to purify water. Arabian trading is the leading Walnut Shell Powder Supplier in uae providing the finest quality of the products to many industries.

The powder is either developed into coarse, medium, or fine particles that absorb the residual oil. The nutshells are beneficial to be used for a long term as they can be cleaned easily and can be put to use again. The efficacy of Walnut Shell Powder can be judged from the fact they can reduce the oil content from 300 parts oil to a million parts water to 2 parts of oil for every million parts of water. It is because of this efficacy that the product is in the demand by many oil and gas companies. Arabian Trading is also part of the race for being the leading Walnut Shell Powder Supplier in uae. We ensure the provision of fine-quality walnut shell powder to the oil and gas factory. Our stocks are full of all types of walnut shell powders i.e. coarse, medium, and fine textures.

  • • Lost circulation material
  • • Serves as Filtration Media
  • • Available in three standard sizes: Coarse, Medium, Fine