Arabian Fiber, Synthetic


Synthetic fibers are specially manufactured for concrete to withstand the alkaline texture of the concrete. They are usually added before or during the mixing operation of concrete. There are many benefits of using synthetic fiber in concrete in both plastic and hardened condition. It is helpful in the settlement of plastic and works actively to control shrinkage of cracks as it has lower permeability and increased abrasion resistance. It also provides great shatter resistance. Arabian Trading is one of the leading suppliers of Synthetic Fiber in UAE. We have years of experience under our portfolio in providing the finest quality Synthetic fiber to various industries. The use of synthetic fiber is common and widely followed in construction industries. The synthetic fiber in the concrete mixture prevents the formation of settlement cracks. The uniform distribution of the material also decreases the chance of bleed water migration to the surface.

The early inclusion of synthetic fiber in concrete leads to a hardened concrete texture at later stages. The hardened concrete has the better ability to lower permeability and strong resistance to shattering and abrasion factors. The synthetic fiber is primarily responsible for tightly holding the concrete together preventing it from shattering, unlike plain compressed concrete. Arabian trading has been supplying the Synthetic Fiber in UAE to industries that opt for the material for its ability to develop long-term integrity by reducing the chances of shrinking, abrasion, and cracking. It also has great compatibility with other materials such as silica fumes, cement chemistries, and other admixtures. The unique ability of low modules in synthetic fibers provides shock absorption characteristics.

  • • Macro Synthetic Fiber
  • • Tensile Strength more than 500 MPa
  • • Excellent in Acid and Alkali Resistance
  • • Exhibits good impact, fatigue, shrinkage control, and ductility in all types of concretes
  • • Safe to use and homogeneous dispersion
  • • Good in Shrinkage and Crack Resistance
  • • Typical Dosage range 3 – 6 kg/m3