Arabian Microsilica, Densified


Silica fume or micro silica is a powder like texture and a by-product of smelting silicon metal. Arabian Trading produce the finest form of densified Microsilica and is the largest Silica Fume Densified Distributor in UAE. We have decades of experience in our credit for supplying the densified micro silica to a number of industries for cement and concrete jobs. Historically, micro-silica fume has been used in three forms: undensified, slurried, and densified form. Densified microsilica is produced by treating the undensified silica fumes to increase the density of the concrete or cement mixture. The use of densified micro silica is for making a uniform texture and for improving the overall performance of the product. We are the leading Densified Microsilica Supplier in the construction industry of UAE.

There are many benefits of densified micro-silica fume. The weight and volume of the micro-silica are conducive enough for long-term transportation. The cut in transportation cost is also a reason behind the trust of the Silica Fume Densified Distributor in the product. Moreover, the densified silica fume performs very well in concrete. The usage of densified silica fumes largely depends upon the nature of the mixture and conditions. That’s why it is suggested to take the guidance of Densified Microsilica Supplier for appropriate use of the silica fumes to achieve better results.

Densified Silica Fume has earned its repute because of several advantages attached to is such as it has reduced water permeability, ability to resist chemical attacks, improved abrasion resistance, reduced efflorescence, Improved sulfate resistance, low chloride ion diffusion, stability in geothermal environments, and so on. It Is a very easy to be mixed product and has good absorption performance. Moreover, it has a low presence of impurities and stable chemical and physical properties which are essential for arc resistance.

  • • Arabian Microsilica is a Green product
  • • Arabian Microsilica is used for long term durability, increased service life, and UHPC
  • • Arabian Microsilica is used for greater resistance to chemicals
  • • Arabian Microsilica can produce High to Ultra High Strength Concrete
  • • Arabian Microsilica is compatible with all types of Concrete
  • • Arabian Microsilica stock is available in UAE
  • • Applications: Shotcrete, Triple Blend, Low Heat Concrete, Bridges & Tunnels, Towers & Skyscrapers, Mortars & Grouts, SCC