Arabian Microwhite , White Colour Microsilica


White micro silica is a by-product of zirconia with SiO2 up to 92% to 96%. Arabian Trading is the leading white microsilica suppliers with fine granularity and good fluidity to enhance durability and resistance in cement and concrete products. It is also used in the fields of injection materials, ceramics, electronic materials, and refractory. As the name denotes, it is whiter in color with reflection greater than 80%. It is the top choice of precast cement and concrete companies, and plaster producers. For beautiful architectural designs, interior and exterior panels, and other luxurious projects, constructors tend to take the help of white microsilica suppliers to get the job done. It enables the constructors to build pure white structures without using plaster or paint. It is also used by pigments and chemical industries for varying purposes.

White MicroSilica is used in the construction of cement concrete to eliminate material segregation and improve the strength of the mixture. White microsilica suppliers also supply the material to monolithic refractories that use the product to reduce the water addition. It is also used in the unsteady casting of the ladle, high alumina brick, magnesia brick, and other high temperature equipment and refractory materials. The white microsilica has excellent suspension and reinforcement performance. One of the greatest advantage of using white micro silica is its permeability which reduces the ingress of movement of water or chemicals, and decreases the risk of adverse reactions such as sulfate attack and so on. The chemical reaction between silica fumes and calcium hydroxide acts as a major reason behind the dense impermeable pore structure. It is also used in the water glass industry, thermal insulation materials, Oil Well Grouting, etc.

  • • Arabian white-coloured Microsilica
  • • Colour Reflection > 80%
  • • Preferred Choice of Precast Companies, Plaster Producers, and Ready Mix Concrete Producers
  • • Best Choice for White and Coloured beautiful UHPC structures, architectural designs, interior and exterior panels, decorated luxurious projects
  • • Build your pure White Structures without even plaster or paint