Arabian Fibrillated PP Fibre


To create additional fibrils connected to a network, Fibrillated Polypropylene fibers are used commonly across cementing jobs. They provide great distribution throughout the concrete mixture and are extremely useful slabs on the ground. Arabian Trading is the leading Fibrillated Fiber supplier in UAE. The fibrillated fiber provides an alternate reinforcing system. They prevent and control the formation of cracks caused by stress. They are also instrumental in reducing segregation and shrinkage cracking. It has lower permeability and acts as an excellent reinforces against water migration to the surface. It is also a leading factor behind the residual strength of the mixture. Arabin Trading is leading the race in providing the finest quality of the material and has become the leading Fibrillated Fiber supplier to various industries in UAE.

Fibrillated Polypropylene fibers are considered as an ideal complement and admixture in building works when added to concrete. They are not only economical but are also compatible with all admixtures in concrete used to enhance the performance of prevailing chemicals. They work effectively without affecting the finishing characteristics of concrete. They are alkali proof and leave no stains on the concrete surfaces while also preventing the transfer of moisture to the surface. Arabian Trading is the Fibrillated Fiber supplier that has been providing quality fibrillated fiber to many industries because it has great insulation properties and impressive resistance against organic solvents and varying acids. It is the secondary reinforcement concrete material that increases the durability and strength of the mixture incredibly. They are also instrumental in reducing the width of plastic shrinkage cracks. Polypropylene fibers are used widely in the construction of tunnels, roads, industrial pavements and grounds, and many other purposes.

  • • Secondary Reinforcement Material
  • • 100 % Virgin Fibrillated Polypropylene Fiber
  • • Tensile Strength : Minimum 350 MPa
  • • Young's Modulus : Minimum 3500 MPa