Undensified Silica Fume For Concrete Repairs


To develop durable structures, the construction companies make use of several adhesives and admixtures to improve the density of the cement or concrete mixtures. The use of Undensified Microsilica for Cementing Job has been in the practice for decades now. It is a form of silica fumes to produce high-strength concrete with an increased chance of durability.

Arabian Trading is the leading Undensified Microsilica Stockist supplying the material to a large number of construction industries. When added to an already developed mixture of concrete, unidentified micro silica tends to act as a strong admixture and bring fineness and longevity into the precast concrete mixture. The material is dustless, smooth, and mixes into the mixture without forming lumps and resulting in greater density. The demand for undensified silica fume is never receding due to its effectiveness and impact on the development of strong infrastructure. The use of Undensified Silica Fume for concrete repairs is common around the globe.

The use of undensified silica fumes has many benefits in the offing such as:

  • • Due to its high electrical resistivity, it prevents steel erosion in concrete
  • • It has powerful permeability to prevent penetration of moisture, chemicals, and other containments
  • • It has increased early strength resulting in cost-effectiveness in the production of the precast concrete process.
  • • It has great resistance to abrasion, corrosion, freeze damage, and chemical attacks.

The use of Undensified Microsilica for Cementing Job is observed in many areas such as for the construction of roadways, parking garages, bridge decks, marine structures, slabs, etc. In precast concrete, it eliminates the risk of steam curing, causes savings on heating costs, and delivers ultimate compressive strength. The use of Undensified Silica Fume for concrete repairs is also common because of less rebound loss and improved bonding strength. It is application is easy and can cover a large area if applied thickly using a nozzle pass. At Arabian Trading, we are the leading Silica Fume Undensified Supplier in UAE with prompt and efficient delivery of the material to several industries. Below are properties of undensified microsilica;

  • • Well known for its quality and consistency
  • • Silicon Dioxide, Si02 more than 92%
  • • Bulk Density : 260 to 290 kg/m3, approx half of densified
  • • Very Light Grey
  • • Available in 20-25 kg bags and 500 kg bags in UAE
  • • Compatible with all types of HIGH to ULTRA HIGH STRENGTH concrete
  • • Supplying to one of the top construction chemical companies for over a decade
  • • Best for high strength and durable repair mortars
  • • Exhibits excellent properties when used as Slurry
  • • Favorite raw material for plaster manufacturers