ADNOC Approved IFR Coveralls

Arabian Trading has an efficient system of supplying essential laboratory material and safety equipment. One of the essential parts of laboratory work and field operations in the oil and gas industry is IFR coveralls. IFR coveralls are fabric coats that provide protection against fire incidents. They are heat resistant coveralls that are distributed among the workforce to keep themselves safe while working in hot temperatures during drilling procedures and others. Arabian Trading is one of the largest ADNOC approved IFR Coveralls to properly safeguard the workforce according to the standards set by international certifications. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is an integrated group of oil and gas companies in Abu Dhabi which works to ensure quality and safety during oil and gas operations. The group has established certain ground rules and a system of approvals so the worker’s right to life and safety is protected throughout the operations in risky environments.

Arabian Trading has been providing safety equipment to many industries to ensure that international standards of safety are implemented across the factories. Our IFR coveralls are specifically designed to protect workers from rising temperatures. The coveralls are laced with front and side pockets which enhances the utility of the coverall while in the field. The material of the coverall is durable and can sustain the laundering effects as well. Despite the fact that these coveralls are designed specially to protect the workforce against unpleasant events, they are quite comfortable to wear as well. They are not prone to dripping or melting at extreme temperatures and are super resistant to flames. The ADNOC approved IFR Coveralls are regarded in the oil and gas sector as the most effective against flame hazards. Arabian trading has been supplying the IFR coveralls approved by ADNOC to leading oil and gas companies.